Explanation of the pattern:
The emblem is a tilted cube composed of three letters S, E and E as three planes.

        Meaning of the emblem:
1. SEE is an acronym for the School of Electrical Engineering.
2. SEE is composed of three mutually supportive planes, which represent the support of three major disciplines: Electronic Science and Technology, Optical Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering. It also implies the coordinated development of teaching, research, and management.
3. The basic structure of many instruments in electronic engineering is square. Square and cube are highly concentrated geometric forms and wonderful representations of human wisdom. The cube can naturally and clearly show that it is the School of Electrical Engineering and electronic technology.
4. The cube is not placed in a straight way but tilted at a certain angle, which is full of vigor and beauty. It also implies that the school keeps pioneering, innovating and pursuing development.
5. The three planes form a cube meaning unity, humility, strong cohesion.
6. The dark blue color of medium lightness represents the sense of science and technology, looking reasonable and stable but not boring and dull.