Youth Volunteers Association

Project Department
Ii is responsible for planning volunteer projects, recruiting and training volunteer groups, exploring innovative forms and methods of volunteering, and maintaing the operation and improvement of daily volunteer activities. The most core function of the department is to bring the spirit of volunteerism to every student. On the one hand, it encourages students to find the needs of people around them and plan different volunteer projects to help them. On the other hand, it gives students a platform to get access to a variety of volunteer activities.

It is responsible for organizing students to study theories of voluntary service spirit, strengthen labor education, combine theory and practice and encourage everyone to put the spirit of dedication into practice; it organizes volunteer evaluation, discovers advanced volunteers, arranges interviews, and moblizes students to learn from excellent volunteers; it is responsible for the liaison of various departments of the Youth League Committee and Student Union, and the recruitment, training and statistics of volunteers for various volunteer service activities; it is responsible for the use of Volunteer Beijing platform. It releases projects, inputs duration, manages project closure and so on; meanwhile, it builds the bridge of internal cooperation and communication of Youth Volunteers Association, ensures the efficient and rapid operation of the association, and brings high-quality and wonderful volunteer services to everyone.

Publicity Department
The department is affiliated to the Youth Volunteers Association, which is responsible for the daily publicity work of volunteers. The official account of "BUPT SEE Volunteers Association" is our main position. It is responsible for the release of volunteer recruitment information, volunteer activities tracking report and review summary as well as other activities notice, aiming to let readers get first-hand information related to volunteering in the easiest way. In addition, we have opened up the innovation section to provide extended reading of science subjects around volunteering. In addition to operating the official account, we are also responsible for the production of activity posters, the writing of press releases and other forms of publicity to form a closed loop, in order to show our volunteers' vigor and enthusiasm.

Volunteers of blood donation car service

Beihai Park volunteers

 Messenger E Station volunteers