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    On the 11th China International Conference on Communications (ICCC 2022) held in Foshan, Guangdong from August 11 to 13, 2022, the paper "Flexible User Duplexing in Cell-Free Massive MIMO: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach" of Deng Danhao, a doctor of our school, was awarded as the Best Paper. It was co-directed by Associate Professor Wang Chaowei and Professor Wang Weidong of our school, and Professor Zhang Zhi and Academician Zhang Ping of Information and Communication School.

    Co-sponsored by the China Society of Communications and the Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers of the United States, the China International Conference on Communications is currently one of the most important international academic conferences in the field of information and communication in China, as well as an important platform for global information and communication scientists to exchange ideas and share achievements. The conference brought together ICT professionals from major countries and regions around the world. The organizing committee reviewed 618 submitted papers, 294 of which were accepted, and finally selected the six best papers.

    Sponsored by the national key research and development plan project "full-motion intelligent space-time-frequency resource allocation technology towards 6G", the team  studied the intelligent space-time-frequency resources configuration, access control and scheduling algorithm based on the demands of full-motion and precisely matching wireless transmission features of 6G network. And important progress was made in the field of mass MIMO without honeycomb. Aiming at the network assisted full-duplex upstream and downstream scheduling problem, the paper proposes a user mode selection algorithm based on deep reinforcement learning, which improves network throughput and significantly reduces computational complexity on the premise of balancing system efficiency and user fairness, which provides theoretical and technical reference for the evolution of 6G mobile communication network.

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