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In order to enrich the after-school life of graduate students and staff, improve the health of teachers and students, strive to create a scientific, civilized and healthy living environment, promote friendly exchanges between teachers and students, and cultivate good quality of unity, cooperation, mutual help and friendship, School of Electronic Engineering organized the badminton game between teachers and students in Xitucheng Campus gymnasium on November 13th.

This competition was divided into five events: men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles. Each event adopted the elimination match system. The players faced off in pairs. The winners would attend the next round until the champion and the runner-up were selected. The corresponding points obtained by the individual ranking of the team members could be counted into the team's total score. When the champion and the runner-up of each single event were selected, the team champion and the runner-up were also selected according to the points.

In the competition of the student group in the morning, 8 student teams struggled hard and gave full play to their personal characteristics, such as serve, fast break, and smash, showing energy and pleasure. With great passion and ambition, the players created an atmosphere of friendly competition. And the audience watched lots of wonderful matches.

In the competition between teachers and students in the afternoon, the champion and the runner-up of the student group formed a new team to compete with the teachers. All the players showed their high and long ball, lifting, spiking and splitting skills incisively and vividly. The shuttlecocks flying fast in the air firmly attracted the spectators' attention, and they all cheered for the players. After three hours of fierce competition, the game ended in bursts of applause.

This competition not only promoted communication between teachers and students, ignited the enthusiasm of the teachers and students of School of Electronic Engineering for sports, but also showed the tenacious and positive spirit of the teachers and students of the school, and injected new vitality into everyone's study and work.

School of Electrical Engineering Union

November 15, 2022

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