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  To enrich the amateur cultural life of the faculty and staff, create a healthy, harmonious and positive atmosphere, motivate the faculty and staff to work in a more energetic way, the union of School of Electronic Engineering held a friendly volleyball match on September 21 to celebrate National Day.

The match was divided into two groups according to the draw results, A and B. After a simple warm-up, the match began. With high morale, both groups were dedicated to the game. Every player tried their best to save and smash the ball. They played hard, fast and precisely and were good at attacking and defensing; Each link showed the cohesion of the team such as first pass, second pass, cushion and block... Everyone not only enhanced the friendship, but also cultivated the awareness of unity and progress in laughter and sweat.

The friendly volleyball match further strengthened the exchange and communication between the staff and the union. The teachers not only exchanged ball skills, relieved the work pressure, but also created a good cultural atmosphere and showed the sportsmanship. It was hoped that this friendly competition would help everyone concentrate their minds, so as to better devote themselves to the struggle of entrepreneurship, and continuously inject strong spiritual motivation for the high-quality development of the school.


The Union of School of Electronic Engineering

September 29, 2022


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