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Opening Ceremony for 2022 Graduate Students of School of Electronic Engineering was Successfully Held

On the morning of September 21, 2022, the opening ceremony of 2022 Graduate Students of School of Electronic Engineering was successfully held in the Science Hall.Party Secretary of the School of Electronic Engineering Professor Li Xueming, Dean of the School Professor Huang Shanguo, Department-level Party Organization Member Song Lili, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Fang Heng, Associate Dean  Professor Zhang Min, Associate Dean  Professor Zhang Min, Associate Dean Professor Yang Hui, Deputy Department-level Party Organization Member Ming Min, teachers' representatives of each teaching and research center, all teachers of the Academic Affairs of the Graduate School, counselors from the Student Affairs Office and all 2022 graduate students attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Associate Professor Wang Yunhong. The online ceremony was also available on the Tencent Meeting.

With the majestic national anthem, the opening ceremony began. The Excellent Teacher of Beijing, owner of BUPT Candlelight Prize Professor Zhang Xiaoguang gave a speech as the representative of the teachers for new students. He encouraged the students to put time and effort into scientific research with great concentration, to strengthen the team cooperation, make progress together, to cultivate critical spirit, have the courage to challenge, to adhere to the scientific research integrity, overcome difficulty and finally realize self-value.

Then, the doctor of 2021 Zhu Shangwei presented a speech as the representative of the students. Through his own study process, he shared with the students three thoughts "life should start with the end", "study should be based on knowledge", "people should be righteous and honest", called on students to shoulder the responsibility and mission of young people. And he motivated the students to try their best.

Next, Han Ying, the graduate of 2022, spoke as a representative of the students. She shared her promises to her graduate life, suggesting that all new graduate students should set clear professional goals, pay attention to independent scientific research and innovation, be down to earth, achieve fruits, gain knowledge, make true friends, and be true to themselves.

At last, the dean Professor Huang Shanguo delivered a speech. On behalf of the school, he extended a warm welcome to all the new graduate students of 2022. He introduced the overall situation of the school and the development prospect of the discipline in details, and placed high expectations on the students. The the dean expressed his hope that the students would face the world's technological frontier, focus on the country's major strategic needs, shoulder historical responsibilities based on the technological frontier, grasp historical opportunities, and devote themselves to electronic technology. At the same time, they should also focus on the details, think independently, and continue to march into the breadth and depth of science and technology, and strive to tackle key problems for the country and national rejuvenation!

With the melodious school song, this opening ceremony successfully ended. The road ahead is long and bright. In this golden autumn of harvest, the new graduates of 2022 of the School of Electronic Engineering are hoped to take patriotism as the sail, hard work to pursue the dream as the rudder. On the way to chase the dream, they are hoped to study well and have a bright future!

School of Electronic Engineering

September 25, 2022



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