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In order to further improve the talent service and promote the construction of teachers' team, on the afternoon of September 14, 2022, the School of Electronic Engineering held a seminar for new teachers, which was chaired by the dean Professor Huang Shanguo.

The dean firstly introduced the development of the school to the new teachers. He pointed out that the school has always adhered to the development concept of "talents is the power of the school", and attached great importance to the construction of talent team and talent training. At present, the School of Electronic Engineering was faced with significant development opportunities. It should focus on improving talent training and increasing scientific research capacity, encourage teachers to focus on scientific problems and major national needs, participate in organized scientific research, and promote the output of landmark scientific research achievements.

Afterwards, associate dean Wei Yifei introduced the teaching center of the school to the new teachers, and encouraged them to communicate with the teachers of the teaching center and learn from their teaching experience. At the same time, Wei stressed that new teachers must pay attention to the quality of teaching, ensure good teaching order, and avoid all kinds of teaching accidents.

Associate dean Yang Hui encouraged the new teachers to actively engage in scientific research, to accumulate experience from the research process, condense the highlights of the research, and serve the important needs of the country. He suggested that new teachers should actively participate in scientific research conferences, communicate with experts in the field, and make career development plans.

At the forum, the new teachers said what they wanted to say based on their feelings about daily work and study. They expressed their opinions on the curriculum setting, scientific research site, recruitment publicity, professional title evaluation and other concerns. The three deans carefully listened to everyone's opinions and suggestions, communicated and exchanged opinions about the questions raised by the young teachers, and answered patiently. Teachers said that in the future they would remember the original intention of education, and strive to achieve breakthroughs in teaching, scientific research and other aspects, to contribute their own strength to the development of the school.


School of Electronic Engineering

September 15, 2022


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