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In order to convey and implement the spirit of the school conference and carry out the work of the new semester in a stable and orderly manner, on the afternoon of September 7, 2022, the School of Electronic Engineering held a new semester work meeting chaired by Li Xueming, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School.

Li Xueming first conveyed the spirit of the conference on epidemic prevention and control, safety and stability to all faculty and staff, put forward specific requirements for the recent epidemic prevention and control, safety and stability work, and informed all faculty and staff of the composition and division of labor of the new leadership of the school.

Subsequently, the leaders of each branch school reported the recent key work: Wang Yunhong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, introduced the relevant situation of the basic teaching skills competition for young teachers of the school, and gave a detailed description of the upcoming physical examination for faculty and staff; the associate dean Professor Wei Yifei emphasized some important issues about undergraduate teaching in the new semester, required teachers to do online and offline teaching work simultaneously, optimize teaching methods, and ensure teaching effect. Zhang Min, the deputy dean, announced the work of adjusting the professional field for the graduate students of electronic information major, and hoped that the graduate supervisors would do a good job in the policy publicity and implementation of graduate students. The associate dean Professor Yang Hui introduced the progress of the university's organized scientific research work, and made arrangements for the laboratory safety inspection before the festival, requiring all scientific research laboratories to implement the requirements of scientific research laboratory safety management, and seriously carry out self-inspection and rectification of hidden hazards.

Finally, the dean conveyed to all the staff of the school new term work conference spirit. He also introduced the organized scientific research, organized teaching and organized construction of teachers' team, encouraged teachers to actively participate in organized scientific research, attach importance to normal teaching, actively recommend excellent talents and promote high quality development of the school.

This work meeting has pointed out the direction for the work of the new semester. All the faculty and staff of the school must concentrate their minds and work together to write a new chapter for the School of Electronic Engineering.

                                 School of Electronic Engineering

September 7, 2022

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