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On the afternoon of April 19, the Seminar on Application and Development of Carbon-based Integrated Circuits and Construction of Integrated Circuit Discipline was successfully held in BUPT. Peng Lianmao, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of Peking University, visited with a team of 8 members to promote cooperation and exchange. Zhang Ping, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Deng Zhongliang and Li Xiuping, leaders of disciplines of the school, Li Xiuping, the director of Development and Planning Office, Jia Qingxuan, director of Science and Technology Research Institute, Peng Mugen, executive dean of School of Information and Communication Engineering, Zhang Jie, executive dean of School of Electrical Engineering, Huang Shanguo, executive dean of School of Science. Moreover, a dozen of teachers attended the meeting as representatives. The dean Zhang Jie presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, academician Peng Lianmao introduced the latest development of carbon-based technology, hoping to explore the application prospect of carbon-based materials and devices in the fields of communication and sensing based on 5G/6G scenarios. Besides, he welcomed academician Peng Lianmao and his team members, and proposed to promote the development of carbon-based materials and device technology in different application fields by strengthening cooperation and exchange and giving full play to the discipline features and advantages of BUPT.

Then, nine experts from Peking University and our university made special reports, introducing the research achievements in related fields in details, and putting forward new suggestions on how to combine with carbon-based technology application. The participants focused on the research topics they were interested in, and expressed their expectations for further in-depth discussion on the future application and development direction of carbon-based integrated circuits.

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