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On March 18th, Report Meeting of Theoretical Learning Center Group of Wuhu Municipal Committee of Anhui Province was held. Zhang Jie, deputy secretary of party committee, executive dean of School of Electrical Engineering and deputy director of state key laboratory of information photonics and optical communication, was invited to give a special report. Wuhu Municipal Party Committee secretary Shan Xiangqian, Municipal Party Committee deputy secretary and mayor Ningbo, Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Director Ding Zurong, Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference Chairman Zhang Feng, Municipal Party Committee deputy secretary, Municipal Party Committee Political and Legal Committee secretary Zhang Qingliang and members of Municipal Party Committee Theory Learning Center Group listened to the report. Municipal Standing Committee, Minister of Publicity Department Wei Xiufang presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, Zhang Jie gave the report in three aspects including the assessment of digital economy development background and trend, the assessment of East Data West Computing influences and challenges and the assessment of Wuhu clusters' position and role based on the topic of East Data West Computing--Some Ideas on the Construction of National Hub of Computing Power Network. Then he made a comprehensive interpretation of the development status and future development trend of computing power network, the relationship between computing power network development and digital information infrastructure construction, the digital transformation of Wuhu industry driven by computing power network, and the high-quality development of digital economy in Yangtze River Delta region.

A few days ago, the "East Data West Computing" project officially launched. It is another cross-region and important infrastructure construction project, from Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei to Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, from Yangtze River Delta to Chengdu-Chongqing, from Inner Mongolia to Guizhou, from Gansu to Ningxia. Then a national integrated big data center system across the country is built, which will promote the orderly transfer of computing resources to the western region and promote the establishment of computing power supply system in both eastern and western regions. This project is changing the new economic map of the digital age. The construction of computing power hubs and data center clusters will strongly drive the development of upstream and downstream industries, expand the development space in the east, and promote the form of a new pattern for the Western Region Development.



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