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On the afternoon of November 10th, School of Electronic Engineering held a general meeting of all faculty members. The leaders of the school gathered in 337 conference room in NO. 4 teaching building, and other faculty members attended the meeting onine. The meeting was presided over by Li Xueming, secretary of the Party Committee of the school.

The deputy director of Student Affairs Office and director of Psychological Quality Education Center Zhang Ping was invited to conduct mental health counseling training for teachers and students. First of all, Zhang Ping started from the data and cases of major accidents caused by mental illness from the universities and schools of Beijing in recent years. Then the director analyzed the general psychological status of teachers and students in colleges and universities, and put forward the significance and necessity of psychological work. Moreover, Zhang Ping introduced the common mental disease depression, analyzed the manifestations and causes of depression, and hoped that teachers could care more about students in daily study and life, pay attention to students' psychological status, help students to deal with negative emotions and pressure, and help students grow healthily.

Later, Li Xueming, secretary of the Party Committee of the school, gave warning education and training on teachers' ethics. The secretary led the teachers to learn the "Ten Guidelines for Professional Conduct of College Teachers in the New Era" of the Ministry of Education, and sorted out the positive and negative list of teachers' ethics. Then he analyzed "ten typical cases of the violation of teachers' virtues reported by the Ministry of Education" and "ten typical cases of the violation of professional conducts of our teachers" to further strengthen the consciousness of ethics bottom line and red line. He hoped the teachers to do a good job in teaching and fostering virtues for students, carry out "ten principles" in daily work and strive to be good teachers who "have ideals and beliefs, have moral sentiment, have solid knowledge, have the heart of love".

Next, to carry out the thinking of ecological civilization put forward by President Xi Jinping, understand the important idea “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets” and further improve the literacy of ecological civilization of the faculty, the secretary Li Xueming trained the faculty according to the demands of building a green school. With the help of PowerPoint and videos, he led everyone to learn the following materials like Building Beautiful China—Ecological Construction of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era, Important Reviews of President Xi on Ecological Construction, Build a Beautiful China Where Human and Nature Coexist in Harmony—A Documentary of Building Ecological Civilization by the Party Central Committee with President Xi as the Core, Xi Jinping: Jointly Build A Community of Life between Human and Nature. The secretary hoped the staff to understand and grasp the development, connotation, spirit and guideline of President Xi’s ecological thinking and carry out them in daily life.

After the learning, education and training session, the Party Secretary Li Xueming, executive dean Zhang Jie, vice dean Sang Xinzhu, and other leaders of the school reported the work on recent security inspection, informatization, scientific research and other related work, and arranged and deployed the work of the school in the next stage.



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